Forging Components

We have separate plant for casting in the name of Puneet Steel & Alloys. It have capacity of two induction furnaces, and a semi-automatic moulding line to produce quality casting for weight range of 500 gms. to 80 kgs. & above up to 2.00 M.T. in a single piece casting.

We manufacture all types of graded casting as C.I, S.G.I, M.S. Steel and Mn. Steel components tailor-made to satisfy a broad range of customer requirements. Our experienced team will work with you from design to delivery to help you reduce the manufacturing costs of your parts while maintaining the standards expected of an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

We will walk you through the forging process that best suits your project needs, from start to finish, so that optimum results are achieved. You can expect the product end result to be cost effective, high strength, and exceeding design specification requirements. Being vertically integrated, Shanker Forge makes it easy to be a part of the full production process from design to machining to assembly. All of our products are project managed so that the inspection and quality requirements are monitored for achievement.

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